A documentary by Reid Martin Basso, TAKING FLIGHT... The Making of IN FREEFALL, is the behind the scenes (BTS) "making of" Tim Boxell & Donna Laemmlen's drama IN FREEFALL.


IN FREEFALL, is the story of a wayward fairy who accidentally falls to Earth in this evocative sci-fi/mystical realism film.


"Fay" must learn to quickly trust a kind-hearted -but desperate- stranger as she recovers from her injuries. Set in the harsh, gritty San Francisco underworld, Fay and the down and out "Donovan" form a curious bond as the outside world begins to close in on Donovan's dangerous, one-room hotel flat. 


Basso served the production as special features producer managing the BTS process from "Day One" to the final DVD release. In the process, he took over 3,000 photographs some of which are compiled here in this historical chronology of the making of IN FREEFALL

Directed by Tim Boxell with screenplay by Boxell and original story creator Donna Laemmlen, Taking Flight... The Making of IN FREEFALL appears on the Special Features segment of the 2017 DVD.