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Published under the pen name R. Martin Basso, Jilted Superstar..., Basso's rebellious 2005 autobiography, was written during one of his darkest times: the four years following his mother's 2001 death.


During this period of self-exile Basso relegated himself to the self-destructive world of alcohol abuse, random sex and more.


From this period Basso ultimately came to grips with the deaths of his grandparents, of his mother, his divorce, a fragmented relationship with his young son, as well as other life events. Additionally, his childhood homelessness, his early death and return at age two, his military  PTSD, and other life events were also explored.

Part scathing social commentary, part exploratory-prose driven introspective, Basso recorded the full work for audio book and will be released in 2020 in conjunction with a second edition on the 15th anniversary June 1st, 2020. 

2005 Listmania Listing
Jilted Superstar covers, FINAL (back-spine-front)
Charcoal, graphite cover art by Reid Martin Basso.
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