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In addition to producing and writing, entertainment developer Reid Martin Basso's endeavors have included documentaries, radio, film, screenwriting & spokesperson roles.

He also advises on identifying emerging audience market trends and show business investor relations.

Basso, a disabled U.S. military veteran, is an advocate for social causes personal to him: military PTSD recovery; mentally ill homeless seniors, and youth autism.

Arts & Entertainment developer Reid Martin Basso attempts a selfe.

Today, Basso spearheads entertainment cooperatives Yesterday Records, LLC and UpStaged Music Publishing in his development of various arts and music initiatives


On his past radio show, “UpStaged,” Basso predicted Nashville would be “the next big show biz launch pad.” Married with kids, dogs and seven rescue cats, Basso relocated to a small Nashville farm in 2015.


Sheep, a family cow, a horse or two and maybe some chickens are on the "soon-to-follow" list... But, no goats.


Goats are crazy. 

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